Game Preservation / ゲームの保存

Here are a few prototype preservation projects I have worked on over the years.


DarkSeed / Dragon's Heaven

A development board purchase in 2015 yielded a never before seen lost Neo Geo prototype.  Originally developed by ex-Technos staff for FACE in 1997.  Dumping this game was more complicated than others due its Linear Flash PCMCIA cards.


Home and MVS Prototypes

Information on various AES and MVS prototypes I have come across over the years.  Two games in particular, Alpha Mission II and Burning Fight, contain significant differences from their final release.  Both of these games were dumped and are playable in MAME.


Neo Geo Pocket Prototypes

Several NGP and NGPC color.  Most of these don't have many changes from the final releases.  Party Mail is the exception however.