NeoBiosMasta VMC (Virtual Memory Card)

NeoBiosMasta VMC (Virtual Memory Card)


The NBM VMC is a bios replacement board that includes a virtual memory card.

The MV1B, MV1C, MV1A and MV1FZ normally do not have the ability to support a memory card.  This board tricks these systems into thinking there is a memory card installed.

If you use a XXX in 1 multicart, you may need to power off the system to change games. This is a bug inside of multicarts that disables the menu when it detects any memory card. This is not a bug with my VMC boards and will happen on any system with any memory card present.

In order to install this, you must completely remove or disable the onboard bios from your MVS motherboard.  

The MV1B and MV1C are surface mounted chips and are a little harder to disable.  

Bios Disable Instructions: MV1B  MV1C

MV1FZ Instructions: HERE

YouTube Install Video: HERE

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Compatible MVS motherboards.  If your board is not pictured, it is not compatible.