NeoSaveMasta 2019

NeoSaveMasta 2019


The NSM is a replacement memory card for Home and MVS systems.  The original SNK memory card carried 2k of battery backed-up ram, enough to hold roughly 20 game saves.  The NeoSaveMasta contains 2 separate 16k banks of storage and NO BATTERY.

The 2019 NeoSaveMasta now has a bright LED light installed so you can tell if you left your Neo Geo powered on ;)

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You can save the level you’re on,  like the final boss in a fighting game or last level in Metal Slug.  You can save your season data from Baseball Stars or your current hole in Neo Turf Masters.

Note: Please make sure the pins on your memory card slot are not bent, damaged or missing before using ANY memory card.

If you use a XXX in 1 multicart, you may need to power off the system to change games. There is a bug inside of multicarts that disables the menu when it detects any memory card. This is not a bug with my NeoSaveMasta and will happen on any system with any memory card present.

ONE CARD PER PERSON PLEASE. Karnov (Boy) Character only available

If you try and order more than one I will cancel the order! I am sorry for this, but I want as many people who want one to get one.

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